What does it do?

Token Utility

The utility of our token will be similar to that of Dextools.io. In order to access their full suite of software, you must hold 5000 DEXT tokens. We plan to start with a similar structure and improve upon it. Chartex.pro also has an interesting token life cycle as seen here.


How is this token different? Why not just buy DEXT or CHART?
We are less about candle charts and technical indicators, and more about the underlying data itself. Our analytics dashboard will track unique pieces of data that you cannot find elsewhere. These unique pieces of data and their respective trends will provide an edge over the competition.


Further,  we plan to build alert bots that will allow you to set parameters to monitor an ERC-20 address. E.G. whale token accumulation, whale token buys/sells, whale token transfer, exchange token accumulation (prelisting alerts), pool monitoring bots, AI Pump bots, and so on.


As our array data structure grows and becomes more valuable, we plan to offer API call access for tier 3 token holders.
INTRODUCING A Revolutionary concept

Public Crypto Utility (PCU)

Hold tokens to access premium features & decide on the direction of the project.

Click To Test Drive!

Propose, Vote, & Decide:

  • New Analytics Dashboard Features 
  • Improvement Ideas
  • Coins To Be Listed / Tracked
  • Exchange Listings
  • Development Vault Withdrawals
  • Community Management: Moderators, Discord Nitro, etc 

Road Map

Hang on tight!

2020 Q1
Concept 🌱
  • Concept Generation
  • Team Assembly
2020 Q2
Research 🤓
  • Demand / Market Research
  • Cryptokek.com Domain Purchased
  • Strategic Plan
  • General Organization
2020 Q3
Design 🎨
  • Cryptokek.com Website Constructed
  • Build Social Media Presence
  • Closed Alpha Test Analytics Dashboard
2020 Q4
Soft Launch - Pre-ignition 💥
  • Build-out Subdomains
  • Open Beta Test Cryptokek Analytics Dashboard + Polish
  • Launch Cryptokek ERC-20 "KEK" Token
  • Initiate Presale
2021 Q1
Hard Launch - Lift Off! 🔥
  • Uniswap + Coingecko Listing
  • Public Cryptokek Analytics Dashboard Launch
  • Integrate Tiered Analytics Token Access Structure
  • Finish Litepaper & Other Docs
2021 Q2
Vertical Expansion 🚀
  • Token News Push / Advertisements
  • Hire Additional Solidity/JS Devs
  • Build KEK Blockchain Explorer
  • Integrate DAO UI -> Cryptokek.com
2021 Q3
Token Utility Expansion 🌕
  • Interoperability Bridge KEK ETH -> KEK xDAI
  • Exchange Listings
  • Deliver on Approved Community Proposals
2021 Q4
  • Have an idea? Propose it in our DAO!
  • Deliver on Approved Community Proposals
Community gets first dibs!

Token Sale

Community Sale ($0.0025)

Until Presale Begins

Hard Cap$75,000
1 November 2020

61 Days

Hard Cap$75,000
31 December 2020

(Sooner if presale completes early)

100% of Presale Funds Added as Liquidity
Join Our
Pre-Sale List
Pre-Sale Start at 01 November 2020
  • Token Symbol KEK
  • Token Sale Start November 1st 2020
  • Token Sale End December 31st 2020
  • Tokens for sale (25% of total hard supply) 25,000,000
  • Token Price $0.003 USD
  • Specifications ERC-20 Mainnet
  • Max circulating supply 100,000,000
  • Sale duration 61 days (or less if all 25M tokens are sold)
  • KYC / AML NO


20% Founders / Team
10% Stimulus & Marketing
20% Development Vault
25% Presale
25% Uniswap Presale Liquidity Match
Token Distribution Security

Once the token distribution is fairly distributed, we will eventually lock “Development Vault” behind our community DAO Agent. Our agent acts as an escrow account for which KEK token holders must approve development withdrawals. The majority vote will end up in the community’s hands. (Once we are safe from malicious actors)

Community Voting Majority Rule

“Stimulus” & “Development Vault” CANNOT vote in the community DAO. This will be cemented into stone as tokens are fairly distributed. This removes 30% of the total hard-capped supply from our DAO. Effectively (once 30% held by our Agent) the community will have majority vote. 20% Dev. team, 50% community.

Govern Our Vault

Withdrawals from the development vault MUST be approved by community vote via the DAO. If we can't figure it out ourselves, we will create a request to withdraw dev. vault funds. It is then up to the community if it's a feature they want by popular vote.

Meet The Team

Executive team

A passionate tightly knit crypto team dating back to 2012.

Jayco Joerin
Founder + Visonary + Community Manager + KEK Homepage + Blog

Studying Solidity dev.

Background primarily in CCNA/Infosec/T3SysAdmin/Data Center

Filip Sterba
Founder + Full-Stack Developer + stats.cryptokek.com

Five years of development experience, specializing in React, Typescript and Python.

Looking For
Solidity / JS / Web3.js Developer

We are seeking a developer who specializes in Solidity + Web3.js. Email us.

Rally The Troops!

It all starts with… you.

Community is the corner stone of our project.

Tired of not being heard with your favorite app or project? Here’s your chance to make a difference.

Discuss with your community what changes you want to see, create the proposal via our DAO, then rally the community for support! If passed, the developing team will work to deliver the request, if we are unable, the team will create a proposal to withdraw funds from the development vault. The community (YOU) will have to approve the withdrawal.

Presale Information

How does the presale work?

This presale is hard capped at 25,000,000 KEK tokens (25% of total hard capped supply). The token presale price is $0.003 per token. Total fundraising = $75,000.

To increase fair distribution of tokens, DO NOT send more than $1,500 worth of ETH during this presale!

Contact us through Telegram or Email if you’re interested in buying some presale tokens.

E.G. 1 Day ETH Price = $375 = 125,000 KEK tokens.

After 25,000,000 KEK tokens have been sold, all inbound transactions past that point will be reversed.

Shortly after presale completion: ALL presale funds + the equivalent amount of KEK tokens will be added into a LOCKED liquidity pool for 2 years on Uniswap.

To Spur Growth

DAO Rebate Program

Depending on Ethereum’s network congestion, creating votes & subsequently proposals can be costly. Prices range from $5-15 to create a vote / proposals.


Save your proposal transaction! If your vote / proposals succeeds, we will reimburse you 100%. The payment will be in KEK tokens. Thus, creating a positive feedback loop – increasing good actors participation & voting power while simultaneously thwarting bad actors.


The payment will be made from the KEK Development vault.
This program does not yet have an end date set (yet).
Interoperability Bridge

xDai Layer 2 DAO

A solution to gas + DAO costs. Faster, cheaper, L2 solution.

Ultra Fast & Scalable
Seconds to confirm

Network operations confirm within seconds on the xDai network.

Dual Chain Token
Omni bridge works both ways

ERC-20 KEK Tokens -> L2 xDai Chain & Back! Best of both worlds.

Reduced DAO Cost
Pennys instead of Dollars.

Ethereum’s network can be costly at times.  Layer 2 solutions fix this.

Work in progress!

Read Our Documents

Coming soon.

This website serves as a temporary “lite paper”. Our site outlines our vision, goals, and how we’re going to get there.

Onepager (WIP)
Privacy Policy (WIP)
Terms of Sales (WIP)

Frequently asked questions

The KEK token (and its holders) directly control the direction of this ship. This is a DAO governance token. Token holders control project: finances, features, community, KEK Agent, and more) We will branch more into utility come Q1 2021. The utility will work something like this: tier 0, free analytics dashboard. Tier 1, require X KEK tokens for X premium analytics features, and so on and so fourth.

ETH. That's it. Clean & simple.

Sign up for our alert mailing list at the bottom of the page. Or, join our Telegram / Discord and we will alert once the presale has begun. Reference above section "How does the presale work?".

Make changes early! Become a key member of our community by participating in our DAO. On the speculative side, you are being provided the opportunity to invest at the earliest public point into our project. A speculators dream.

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Have questions or concerns?

We live & breath computers, hop in our chat, we’re likely online.

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