Cryptokek Project Flow

What is the utility of the token?

Token access tiers!

Tier 1 – Access premium analytics + community perks.

Tier 2 – Access to custom bots.

Tier 3 – Developer API access to our database array.

Tier 4 – Developer access to our ETH archive node.

What is Cryptokek?

Kektics Application Kektics

Bleeding edge cryptocurrency metrics, indicators, bots, API + ETH archive node access.

Our app is state of the art. Here are some of the features you can look out for:

  • Free forever, tier 0 access to Kektics.
  • Unique premium metrics found only on Kektics.
  • AI bots to monitor whales, pools, pump & dumps.
  • API database call access.
  • ETH archive node access.
  • All accessed through our token access tiers.

Govern Kektopia.

Our DAO plays an integral part in our ecosystem.

Tired of not being heard with your favorite app or project? Here’s your chance to make a difference.

Discuss with your community what changes you want to see, create the proposal via our DAO, then rally the community for support! If passed, the developing team will work to deliver the request, if we are unable, the team will create a proposal to withdraw funds from the DAO Development Vault (DDV). The community controls 30% of our total hard-capped token supply – you decide what that money builds!


Tokenomics + Game Theory Breakdown & Sources (CLICK)


2020 Q1

Conception Generation, Team Assembly, Foundation Building

2020 Q2

Market Research Analysis, Domain purchased, Strategic Plan, General Project Organization

2020 Q3

Design Period, + sub-domains, Build Social Media Presence, Closed Alpha Tested Analytics Dashboard

2020 Q4

Build & Buff Out Sub-domains, Open Beta Test Cryptokek Analytics Dashboard & Polish, Launch KEK Token, Intiate Presale

2021 Q1

List on: Uniswap, Coinmarketcap, Coingecko. Add Token Access Tiers Structure, Begin Archive Node Data Integration + Thousands of New Tokens Tracked in Overview + Begin API Access Work, Bring ETH Archive Node Online, Add Premium Analytics Locked Behind KEK Tier 1, Finish Litepaper & Docs.

2021 Q2

Add Premium Analytic Dashboard Features, Marketing Push / Advertisements, Begin Developing Bots, Integrate DAO UI, Deliver on Approved Community Proposals, Implement API + ETH Archive Node Access.

2021 Q3

Continue Developing and Integrating: Premium Analytic Features, Bots, API + ETH Archive Access, Exchange Listings (if the Community Approves) Deliver on Approved Community Proposals.

2021 Q4

Deliver on Approved Community Proposals, Build Our Layer 2 Solution on Xdai Chain, Continue Developing and Implementing More Data Sets, Tools, Bots, and So on. Have an Idea on What Should Go Here? Create a Dao Prospal.

2022 Q1

To be determined by the community via popular vote.

Powered by a Team TEAM

A tightly knit, laid back team working towards our dreams.

Jayco Joerin
Founder + CEO + Visionary
Filip Sterba
Co-Founder + CTO + Full Stack Developer
Peter Tiede
CMO + Community Management
Sean Sexton
Full Stack Developer + Solidity
Iain Edminster
Community Full Stack Developer
Community Oracle Developer
Zachary Girson
Blockchain Data Scientist


Oleksandr Rybalko
Technical Advisor
Kyle Allbright
Technical Advisor | Libertas Founder

Multisig Signers Multisig

Names, faces, places. These are the trusted individuals expected to uphold the vault + DAO is law conclusion results. Currently, 3 of 5 need to verify via wallet signature to pass. Ideally, we’d like to get one more community member and then change to 4 of 6.

Jayco Joerin - Portugal
Multisig Signer - Team Member
Filip Sterba - Slovakia
Multisig Signer - Team Member
Peter Tiede - Germany
Multisig Signer - Team Member
Sean Sexton - England
Multisig Signer - Team Member
Tarek Barrawi - USA
Multisig Signer - Community Member

Frens Frens

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